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Site Design

We can assist in assembling a custom web presence to reflect the vision you have established for your business. We can help to develop your brand to accurately reflect your company’s personality, introduce marketing strategies that are solid and focused in its direction, all while assuring an aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed site.

Uncommonly affordable rates assure your company can have an internet presence that provides a very powerful advertising & selling tool marketed directly towards your customers. Our goal is to provide complete client satisfaction by offering a web site that our customers will be proud of. Each web site created is custom designed to reflect the specific qualities of your unique business and your target market. We possess a high attention to detail and will work closely with you throughout the entire process of designing your web presence. If you're considering a new web site, redesign or realignment of an existing site, PopDesignShop by Fred Villanueva is available to consult with you about your needs.


We understand the importance of keeping your site up to date and running at its best. Without your site's information being accurate, your company can appear slow and unresponsive.

All of our sites include tools to allow you the ability to make minimal updates without any prior programming experience. The system is user friendly, yet still provides the opportunity to contact us for more advanced updating needs.

Another key factor in site maintenance is secure back-ups. Unfortunately, data loss occurs more frequently than we all would like to see. Through utilization of Flashback technology, you can rest assured all sites we host are routinely copied to minimize potential data loss. If the site goes down for any reason, a recent back-up can be restored almost instantly.

We can provide maintenance encompassing all text, graphic or page edits. You, however, must provide all content. Custom design or development work is available as well, billed in 15 minute increments.


Today’s environment requires every company to apply targeted strategies in an effort to increase exposure and bring in newfound clients. By incorporating the marketing solutions we provide, your investment will surely reap substantial reward. A highly ranked site in the major search engines, print newsletters, and opt-in mailing lists are terrific ways to help promote your business. When your company utilizes these strategies, you can rest assured that your virtual storefront will become prime real estate, producing quality leads and sales.

The web has become an integral part of today’s society, virtually requiring an internet presence for small and large businesses alike. Search engine optimization, newsletters, and targeted emails are considered vital in today’s marketplace.

Throughout our relationship, we will constantly be learning more about your company's market and goals. This information will provide a platform from which together we can tailor a specific marketing strategy to meet your needs.